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The Intermodal Transportation Site, Cargo Airport and Logistics Platform in Albacete-La Roda is promoted by Europlataforma de Carga S.A, a private company, with political support from the Government of Spain. It is all integrated by the infrastructures of a Cargo Airport, an Intermodal Transportation infrastructure and a Logistic Platform.

It occupies a surface of approximately 7000 hectares of area in the municipal areas of Albacete, La Roda and La Gineta. It has foreseen a few investments estimated in 12000 million Euros, of which Europlatforma de Carga S.A. will invest 3100 million Euros, the remaining investments will be carried out by other companies invited to take part in the project. There will be 2000 direct employments created, 8000 indirect employments, and approximately 60000 induced employments. The intermodal will be a node in Spain of the Silk Routes from China to Europe.


Our Services

  • Cargo Insurance

    Contact us to discover how can we cover your expeditions.

  • Multimodal Transport

    Our new technology allow us to handle your containers faster, safer and cheaper than ever.

  • Sea Freight

    Your inland hub directly connected to the customs at the harbours of Alicante & Valencia

  • Road Freight

    All the amenities transporters need for your expedition, along the highway Madrid-Alicante.

  • Air Freight

    All the services a cargo airline needs, for the lowest prices.

  • Lands and Warehouses

    Either in Europlataforma's facilities or in you...

Key factors of the Intermodal Hub in Albacete

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    Continuously Operational

    An industrial free zone to establish your factory and distribute your cargo to the entire world.

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    Maximum availability of slots

    No limits, the logistic platform is ready for any kind of convoy, truck or airplane.

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    Cost reduction for the Freight Forwarders

    Infrastructure designed from the beginning to optimize cargo operations.

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    Global Competition of Albacete's Cargo Airport

    The lowest fares in Europe for maintenance & reparations of air-crafts.

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    Capacity of Albacete's Intermodal area

    Without time restrictions for trains,truck & airplanes due to nearby populated areas.

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    Node on the Silk Road

    Node in the new Silk Routes from China to Europe and the Mediterranean

Managerial scheme of the Project

Europlataforma de Carga S.A., as promoter company, will execute its activities by means of seven subsidiary companies, named:

Europlataforma de Carga

  • 1

    Proyectos, Obras y Servicios

  • 2

    Aeropuerto de Carga

  • 3

    Intermodal de Transporte

  • 4

    Plataforma Logística

  • 5

    Empresa de Carga

  • 6

    Maestranza y Reparacion de Aeronaves.

  • 7


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Latest News

  • July 07, 2024

    Negotiations between Sinosteel Corp. and Europlataforma de Carga, S.A.

    Sinosteel Corp. visits the lands ...

  • July 07, 2024

    Sinosteel and CMEC in negotiations with Europlataforma de Carga, S.A.

    Sinosteel and CMEC in negotiations with Europlataforma de Carga, S.A.

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  • July 07, 2024

    China Commercial Counselor Ji Xianzheng, visited the lands

    The Chinese Embassy in Spain represented by economic counselor Ji Xianzheng and other embassy members visited the ITM's land and infrastructure. They were received in La Roda by the Mayor Mr. Vicente Aroca and by Mr. Antonio Vereda del Abril President of Europlataforma de Carga, S.A.

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Global International Trade Market over next 20 Years

•World trade will double during the period

•Will grow on average 3.7% annually

•Emerging Countries trade to grow 2.5

 World freight market will grow by 4% annually, driven by the strong traffic growth of the emerging Markets and freight demands of raising middle classes through e commerce.