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The Intermodal Transportation Site, Cargo Airport and Logistics Platform in Albacete-La Roda which is promoted by Europlataforma de Carga S.A, a private company.


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    Area occupies

    6,973 hectares in the municipal areas of Albacete, La Roda and La Gineta.

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    Estimated investments

    12,000 million Euros, of which Europlataforma de Carga S.A. will invest 3,100 million Euros, the remaining investments will be carried out by other companies invited to take part in the project

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    Direct employments

    There will be 2000 direct employments created and 8000 indirect employments.


The intermodal site is located in Albacete. Castile-La Mancha. Spain. Europe.

Nowadays there already exist a Highway, a Railway, a High Voltage Network and a Fiber Optic Network, key factors for the Project’s placement.  The land also has its own resources of water, an aqueduct and wells, having all the necessary infrastructures to make the hub a node in the global network of transport.

Furthermore, the area of the settlement is completely flat, and it has a free air space which makes the operations easier, faster and cheaper.

Worth mentioning is the relationship between administration and the company which is very close and friendly.

The lands of the first phase cover an area of 18,000,000 m² and its geographical limits are the following:
  • North: aqueduct Tajo-Segura and Polygons 93, 94 and 32 of the rustic’s land registry of La Roda.
  • South: plots of rustic land in the municipal areas of Albacete and La Gineta
  • East: plots of rustic land in the municipal areas of La Gineta and La Roda, as well as Montalvos’s Municipal area.
  • West: aqueduct Tajo-Segura and plots of rustic land in the municipal area of La Roda.

Project to build an Intermodal, a Cargo Airport and a Logistic Platform exclusively dedicated to Merchandises.

Infrastructures are designed from the beginning to optimize the freight exchanges between aircrafts, trucks and trains reducing time and energy consumption, therefore saving costs to Logistics & Transport companies, Chinese manufacturers, Freight forwarders and Airlines.

Build an Intermodal Site in order to provide services to Logistics companies, Manufacturers, Freight forwarders, Airlines, Transport companies which use the infrastructures or set up their facilities, warehouses, factories, offices, containers, merchandises in the Intermodal, Airport or Logistic Platform.


Key factors of the Intermodal Hub in Albacete

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    Continuously Operational

    An industrial free zone to establish your factory and distribute your cargo to the entire world.

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    Maximum availability of slots

    No limits, the logistic platform is ready for any kind of convoy, truck or airplane.

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    Cost reduction for the Freight Forwarders

    Infrastructure designed from the beginning to optimize cargo operations.

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    Global Competition of Albacete's Cargo Airport

    The lowest fares in Europe for maintenance & reparations of air-crafts.

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    Capacity of Albacete's Intermodal area

    Without time restrictions for trains,truck & airplanes due to nearby populated areas.

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    Node on the Silk Road

    Node in the new Silk Routes from China to Europe and the Mediterranean

Managerial scheme of the Project

Europlataforma de Carga S.A., as promoter company, will execute its activities by means of seven subsidiary companies, named:

Europlataforma de Carga

  • 1

    Proyectos, Obras y Servicios

  • 2

    Aeropuerto de Carga

  • 3

    Intermodal de Transporte

  • 4

    Plataforma Logística

  • 5

    Empresa de Carga

  • 6

    Maestranza y Reparacion de Aeronaves.

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